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    đź‘‘Prince Charmingđź‘‘ on We Heart It.

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    Disney wallpapers [1/10]

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    Everyone wants to belong, or be a part of something bigger than themselves, but it’s important to follow your heart and be true to yourself in the process.

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    "The walls of the palace were formed of drifted snow, and the windows and doors of the cutting winds. There were more than a hundred rooms in it, all as if they had been formed with snow blown together. The largest of them extended for several miles; they were all lighted up by the vivid light of the aurora, and they were so large and empty, so icy cold and glittering!"

    Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen

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    Main Street USA 1979

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  2. You must choose your own path.

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    Early Kristoff and Anna character designs

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    Tangled’s Little Golden Book. Illustrated by Victoria Ying.

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    There’s so much fear! You’re not safe here!

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