Look again, Pige. Look, there’s a big hunk of world down there with no fence around it. Where two dogs can find adventure and excitement. And beyond those distant hills, who knows what wonderful experiences? And it’s all ours for the taking, Pige. It’s all ours.

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    disney favourites meme ; one prince; naveen 
    You have had quite an influence on me. Which is amazing because I have dated thousands of women and - No, like two, three… just other women! A-and anyway, you could not be more different! You know, you are - you are practically, heh, one of the guys! No, no, no! You are not a guy! Let me begin again! Uh… Ha… I am not myself tonight. Tiana! Sorry, that was loud. This is a disaster.

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    She’ll walk in springtime wherever she goes

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    PICK A PRINCESS CHALLENGE → Tiana | Saddest Scene

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    In the pale moonlight….

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  3. Oh, how silly of me! I’m Snow White.

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