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    Snow by huffmans on Flickr.

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    Getting ready for Halloween (by joe.diebold)

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    Second star to the right, and straight on ‘till morning… ✨💚#tinkerbell #peterpan #disneyside

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    Classic Disney Movies Week | Day 2: Favorite Classic Male Character
    → Peter Pan

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    You are a dynamite gal.

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    Leia’s Corruptible Mortal State

    Deviantart’s Khallion has posted this Haunted Mansion stretch-gallery/Star Wars mashup that seems to have dropped in from an alternate universe in which the Mansion gets a Star Wars skin.

  5. Tangled Screencap Edits | 50/50

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    Now, you look at me. Do you think I’m evil?

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    I’m free.

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